A SPECIAL school has been presented with a special award for the care and attention it gives pupils, staff and parents.

Mowbray School in Bedale has been given the prestigious Optimus Well-Being Award after being singled out for its collaborative, child focused and open approach.

It's presented through the National Children's Bureau and focusses on effective practice in promoting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of pupils staff and parents.

The award states: "The Ethos of the school is one which binds people together and can be seen demonstrated across all areas. In terms of promoting and protecting emotional wellbeing and good mental health the intervention options, the systematic use of assessment and the constant upgrading of staff skills is a powerful example of good practice.

"Staff are clearly strong advocates of the school and again there is an open and forward looking approach to their wellbeing.

"Touring the school as well as from conversations a major and consistent factor is the school’s approach to the needs of students. There are many and multiple examples of the belief in what can be possible for students, the importance in placing their needs at the centre of decisions and the willingness to be innovative for constant improvement.

"The heavy investment in Emotional First Aid combined with the use of animals on the School Farm to widen the curriculum and promote emotional wellbeing and resilience, are a sign of how forward thinking and committed all at this school are."

Mowbray has 215 pupils from all over the northern part of North Yorkshire, who have a range of learning difficulties. The school has also just received another major boost after being recognised as an Emotional Coaching School and an Attachment Aware School in recognition of staff training and practice.

Deputy Head Karen Pickles said: "The staff at Mowbray School work very hard to support pupils, parents and each other, and it is fabulous that their efforts have been recognised and endorsed by external agencies, both local and national.

"The ‘Change Team’consisting of parents, School Council members and staff worked with enthusiasm and determination to ensure that the standards required in order to achieve the Awards we have been presented with were met at the very highest level."