THEY do say 'what’s in a name'? well obviously when it comes to home sweet home something memorable is always good and a bit of a talking point. So Spectator was interested to hear news from Bedale Town Council that the latest new housing development in the area is due to be given names with close associations to the nearby RAF base at Leeming.

Of course the RAF has just marked it's centenary and it is fitting there should be a lasting connection with the town which has always had a real bond with the base as it has gone through its different and many stages of development.

We understand street names proposed for the new Persimmon development on the site at Lyngarth Farm at the south end of Bedale are Javelin Way, Tornado Close and Mosquito Grove. These are all planes which have had a close association with RAF Leeming in the past.

Some could raise an eyebrow, that's not for use to do of course. In a county with such diverse addresses as the village of Crackpot, Worlds End in Sowerby and Knotto Bottom Way in Northallerton interesting names are popular. There had apparently been an idea to name the estate after well known local people which has happened in the past.

However after the horrendous legacy left by Jimmy Savile, which meant several place names in other areas had to be changed, that is not now a way forward, unless the names are from the dim distant past.

Hambleton District Council is responsible for sorting out new addresses and all has to be agreed with them, in fact they have a Corporate Addressing Policy. So the final say on the high flying new names for the Persimmon development seems really to be down to them, or should we say at their door.