A SERIES of seminars on the impact of Brexit on farmers is to be held later this month. (Feb)

George F White, the land, property and business consultancy, will focus on discussing the opportunities for rural businesses to improve performance, maximise assets and reduce risk within uncertain times.

Venues for the seminars, which will be held from February 18-26, include Sedgefield, Northallerton, Pocklington, Alnwick and Corbridge.

Robyn Peat, managing partner, said: “I believe it’s time to put measures in place to ensure, no matter what happens with Brexit, your rural business is as resilient as possible.

"There’s a lot of information and advice available, and due to ever changing policies, requirements and eligibility rules it can be puzzling at the best of times. This is why we’ve decided to travel across the Borders, North East and Yorkshire, ensuring that rural business owners receive tailored advice on the opportunities currently on the table, and therefore a chance to make the necessary changes to strengthen their business before it’s too late.”

“You must ask questions like – What Government or grant funding is still available? What will be the impact from new Government policy and how can I benefit from it? If I want to sell, what is my asset worth, what does the market look like and when is the best time? And, how do I better utilise my available assets now? With one of the biggest changes in the history of UK on the horizon, is your business currently in a position to remain successful and achieve its objectives?”

For more information on the seminars and how to register to attend, visit www.georgefwhite.co.uk or contact Emma Gillespie-Payne by emailing emmagillespiepayne@georgefwhite.co.uk.