AFTER 10 years in Middleham, a Yorkshire Dales bespoke catering business has branched out and taken over a farm shop and bistro.

In 2008 Guy Fairhurst joined his mother Sue’s successful catering firm. Gradually their roles reversed and he took over its day to day management. Although constantly expressing a desire to retire, after 30 years, Mrs Fairhurst senior is still an integral part of the family business.

For many years Fairhursts operated their outside catering business from a base at the Middleham Key Centre. Now following an agreement with Berry’s they have taken over their farm shop and bistro at Swinnithwaite which will be known as Fairhurst’s at Berry’s. In addition they also run the restaurant at the iconic Bolton Castle throughout the busy tourist season and cater for weddings.

Mr Fairhust explained: “It is a fantastic opportunity and I am very excited to take it on.

“It will be real hard work to get it where I want it to be but I can build on the foundations the business has already established.”

Passionate about good food, Mr Fairhurst has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and South America and worked in a number of restaurants. This has given him an insight into many different cuisines. He intends to use local produce wherever possible from suppliers he both knows and trusts.

He has retained all the full time staff and at present is to keep the existing format and intends to host events throughout the year.

He said: “Since we have re-opened I have has really good support; it goes without saying that although we live in a tourist area I especially want to make locals feel welcome.”

Fairhurst’s at Berry’s is open every day except Mondays.