COUNCILLORS have voiced frustration over housing developers “land-banking” in villages, saying the practise is making planning the future of settlements difficult.

Members of Hambleton District Council’s planning committee raised concerns over the volume of housing schemes that have been approved but not built as they granted permission for five homes to be built on land off Manor House Walk, Burneston, near Bedale, five years after originally passing the scheme.

Councillor David Webster told members: “We do have an awful lot of houses that have outline, if not full planning permission, which are not completed.

“This is messing us around a bit and I would very much like to think if this application was granted it was got on with otherwise our whole house completions are in a mess. This has had five years to get started and not done.”

The committee’s chairman, Councillor Peter Bardon, added: “Giving permission for sites like this that have had five years to come forward does concern me a bit.”