THE adventurous travels of a firefighter is set to feature in the latest exhibition hosted by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Stunning landscape photographs from around Swaledale will be the focus of Ian Nuttall's show at the authority's Yoredale office in Bainbridge until the end of next month.

The Leicestershire firefighters work caught the eye of exhibition curator Lesley Knevitt after he sent a photograph of Aysgarth Falls and his faithful companion, Finna the dog, to the Park Authority’s general email address.

“I thought it was rather good, not the normal calendar type shot, so replied asking if he would consider doing a little show here,” said Mrs Knevitt.

The result is eleven distinctive photographs, most of them taken in Swaledale. Beside each work is a postcard written by the photographer and addressed “To All”.

Ian Nuttall said: “In between a busy working and family life, I like to take my camera and Finna out into the world - he doesn't complain about standing in one spot for hours. You get a different perspective when you have a camera; you have more time to take it in.

“These photos are my postcards. I try to capture the image that reminds me of being in a particular place, not always a ‘picture postcard’ shot but one with meaning.”

Mr Nuttall grew up in the Pennines on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border, but moved out of the area for work.

He became part of a special section of the fire service after an earthquake in Turkey in 2011 and can now find himself deployed to disaster areas anywhere in the world.

The exhibition – which will run until the end of February – can be seen during office hours, Monday to Friday, at Yoredale in Bainbridge.

For further information about the exhibition visit or call 0300 456 0030.