A WOMAN arrested for drink driving in the Thirsk area has recorded the highest alcohol reading so far in the police's festive crackdown.

North Yorkshire Police are out in force over the Christmas period in a bid to catch drink drivers and reduce road casualties.

The highest breathalyser reading given so far was 141mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath - four times the legal limit.

It was provided by a 41-year-old woman arrested in the Thirsk area and magistrates gave her a 16-week prison sentence suspended for 18-months.

She also received a 36-month driving ban and was ordered to pay £200 costs.

The campaign is only in its second week but 44 motorists have already been arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving.

Sixteen have been given court dates.

Offenders are being dealt with swiftly by the police. Magistrates' courts are on standby with slots set aside for drink drive offenders and anyone convicted receives an automatic driving ban.

They can also be fined thousands of pounds and can even be imprisoned.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton said: “Imagine spending the whole of 2019 being banned from driving. Imagine how difficult it would be to get to work, to see your friends and family or to just go to the shop for a pint of milk.

“People take their driving licence for granted.

"It’s only when they lose it that you realise what a big impact it has on your life and your career.

“But that’s nothing compared to the impact on innocent people’s lives if you have a crash."