PUPILS have been using their creative skills to come up with a colourful message tackling road safety.

The children at Corporation Road Community Primary School set to work colouring flags to make a string of bunting, which has been hung outside school asking drivers to ‘Keep the zigzags clear’ after an assembly delivered by their Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO).

The JRSOs Tanisha Ahmed and Jakob Smith told the assembly how important it was that the zigzag markings outside the school be kept clear of vehicles, especially at the start and finish of the school day, to ensure a safe place for children.

Tanisha said: “All the children decorated some bunting telling people they must not park in this area as it will block the view for children and parents trying to cross the road. It also makes it difficult for Steven, our lollipop man and if you park there you may get a fine.

"Please keep us safe.”

Teaching assistant Michelle Stott added: “The children all took part in the assembly delivered by our Junior Road Safety Officers who explained about the importance of not parking on the yellow zigzags outside of school.

“It’s been a great way to remind the pupils, and their parents, of this important issue and the bunting they’ve created looks wonderful.”

Other schools across the borough are also taking part in the ‘Keep the zigzags clear’ initiative, so parents should look out for more bunting at other sites.

The colourful bunting outside Corporation Road School, Darlington

Councillor Nick Wallis, Darlington Borough Council’s cabinet member for transport, said: “Our Road Safety Team work closely with local schools and the Junior Road Safety Officers to help teach youngsters how to stay safe.

“The bunting created by the pupils is a great way to remind parents and other drivers of the need to play their part and keep clear of the zigzags outside a school to ensure the children can see and be seen when crossing the road.”

To find out more about the Junior Road Safety Officers programme visit www.letsgoteesvalley.co.uk or call 01325-405040.