A MILK delivery company has warned customers that bogus callers may be on the prowl.

Acorn Dairy, which is based near Darlington, warned that one of its drivers had his car broken into, and his company-branded body warmer stolen.

On Facebook, Acorn said: “This is a very odd low-value thing to steal, unless you are pretending to be an Acorn delivery driver, knocking on doors collecting milk money.

“Long-standing Acorn customers will know we have never routinely collected cash payments, preferring Direct Debit or cheque for this very kind of reason.

“Should anyone knock on your door in the coming weeks saying they are from Acorn Dairy and collecting payment, please politely decline and contact the office. If a member of the Acorn team needs to come to your house we will let you know in advance and have more than a coat for identification.”

Acorn’s organic milk is delivered to 4,000 doorsteps across the area.