A SCHOOL has been commended for its work promoting mental health and wellbeing in the community.

Red Hall Primary school, in Darlington, has continued its success following a recent Ofsted inspection where it retained its 'good' status.

The school has been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools for its mental health and wellness work.

Headteacher Julie Davidson said: “The staff are welcoming, and children clearly appreciate the good relationships they have and teaching and learning benefits. We have consistently developed culture and practice from the earliest years through the whole school is an impressive demonstration of why wellbeing and learning are connected.

“While the local community faces many challenges the school values and invests in engaging parents and carers and actively tackling barriers to involvement. We truly embrace the concept of working with the whole school community.

“Across the school there is a calm and positive atmosphere which has been created to ensure wellbeing is a critical feature for the community. This range of innovations supports and demonstrates strong strategic leadership."

The school has been helping children understand and manage their emotions and is working to encourage children and staff to talk about their concerns and worries.

In the past four years, the school has developed an ethos to promote children and staffs’ wellbeing.

This includes a room where children can go to talk to an appropriate adult in a comfortable environment away from the classroom and training sessions for teachers on mindfulness techniques.