A REMOVALS company is now understood to be in the hands of administrators after leaving customers without their goods.

Now those who commissioned Pearson Home Moving, which was based in Middlesbrough, are facing a hunt to get their worldly possessions back.

The company, which specialised in international removals, subcontracted out most of its work to many different companies – and customers trying to find their possessions face a complex hunt.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is helping them to find their possessions and liaising with Pearson's subcontractors.

BAR said Neil Money, of Leicester-based CBA Business Solutions, had been appointed as administrator but he did not respond to The Northern Echo when contacted last night.

Customers have been left in different parts of Europe without their goods – some with only the clothes they stand up in – after Pearson failed to deliver.

Paul Swindon, of BAR, said customers who paid on credit card may be able to recoup some costs but others would have to make a claim. He said their goods could be tracked down with subcontractors but they may have to pay again to get them delivered.

Barbara Dodds and her husband moved to their new home in South West France last week and all their property was due to arrive last Wednesday after Pearsons picked it up from their Shropshire home the week before.

But it has not arrived and she has been unable to contact Pearsons at all.

The couple have now had to return to the UK to trace their belongings. Mrs Dodds said the removers had even packed her shoes and refused to unpack them and she had faced travelling to France in just her slippers before she found some old gardening shoes to wear.

The removals firm also packed a box of their most important documents,  which they had wanted to keep out, leaving her unable to contact her bank or insurance company. 

"We only brought two small suitcases and we only really have the clothes we stand up in," she told The Northern Echo.

"They have my medication and everything as I only brought enough for a few days. All our personal documents are in that lorry and we have no idea where it is."

The BAR said it had been trying to contact Pearsons all last week and until the company had gone into administration there was little it could do.
Now it can help process claims from customers and help them trace their possessions through subcontractors.

Mr Swindon said Pearsons' subcontractors  - some of whom were not members of the BAR - had been trying their best to help.

It is not known what has happened to an estimated 60 members of staff who worked for Pearsons at its Riverside Industrial Estate base in Middlesbrough.

  • Any affected customers are advised to contact BAR on 01923-699480 or by emailing compliance@bar.co.uk
  • Contact apgscheme@bar.co.uk to claim money back.