FOSTER carers accused of allegations will continue to receive pay until investigations conclude even if their wards are moved away, councillors have agreed.

North Yorkshire County Council’s executive heard while the number of allegations made against foster carers each year was relatively low, the impact on carers, their families as well as the wards was huge.

The authority’s children’s services boss, Councillor Janet Sanderson said as the carers were “an extremely valued asset” to the council, providing family values in local settings, it was vital that they should feel supported.

She said: “We have carers that are willing to bring into their homes some of our most complex children and in full knowledge that there is a high risk that some of these wards will make allegations against them.

“We cannot avoid them going through the due challenges to deal with this, but if we are able to retain this very special group of carers the least we can do is ensure the process of dealing with the allegations is very well oiled and that more importantly they are not financially penalised for this.”

The executive’s members agreed that the council’s fostering framework be amended to minimise the financial impact of an allegation investigation by the payment of fees to carers until the outcome of the associated investigation.