A HELMSLEY schoolgirl moved by an image of Ugandan schoolchildren playing football with a stone has raised money to buy sports equipment for them.

Helmsley Community Primary School has developed a special link with the Gisoro Primary school in Kisoro, thanks to Lynn Hempsall from Helmsley Traditional Sweetshop.

Ms Hempsall has visited the region several times and gives presentations about the work being done to improve the villagers’ lives.

Helmsley pupil, Rhianna, 11, was so moved by a video Ms Hempsall showed of two girls playing football with an avocado stone, she decided to do something to help.

She raised £52 via a bake sale which has been sent to the school to buy two footballs, two volleyballs, nets and a pump.

Ms Hempsall said: “I was really touched that Rhianna took it upon herself to raise the money, and having been there, I know the school children will be absolutely ecstatic to receive such a gift.” She added: “The donations from the kind people and businesses of Helmsley make such a difference over there.”