PARENTS refusing to back down over a row about uniform at Richmond School have launched an online petition against the stringent new clothing rules.

The petition on had garnered 219 signatures at the time of going to press, and outlines the concerns of parents.

It reads: "From September 2018 the school uniform at Richmond School in North Yorkshire added the addition of skirts and trousers with the Richmond School Logo.

"Although it has been stated that parents were consulted regarding the change, as to date, I have yet to be asked my opinion to the new additions nor have a number of other parents.

"During the six weeks holidays parents were sent emails stating the new trousers or skirts were to be bought from the School Shop in York, ranging from £15 to £18 a per item plus delivery and to be purchased before August 15 to guarantee delivery before the start of term. On receiving the trousers or skirt parents, are appalled at the quality of the garments and the fact the logo is unrecognisable.

"On starting the new term, on day one, pupils were told in assembly that they have until next Friday, September 14 to be in the correct trousers or skirt or they will face consequences such as detention or isolation.

"We feel this is a bullying tactic to use the children in forcing parents to buy the garments."

The petition adds: "We are not against school uniforms, they are designed to prevent discrimination so that no child is different. But some parents have found the garments far more expensive to what they would normally pay for school uniforms.

"What we are against is the inflated cost; lack of choice; lack of consultation; reprisals in the form of isolation on children; inadequate fitting and quality; lack of consultation; and no evidence of choice of supplier compared to others.

"We hope that the school will understand our concerns, address the quality control issue and allow parents to have a voice."

Jenna Potter, headteacher at Richmond School, said: "The school has received a very low number of concerns on quality or price since the start of term."

The petition at is entitled 'Stop children being punished as parents object in buying poor quality school uniform.'