WASTE management company, Total Recycling Services, has invested £50,000 into new technology in a bid to improve productivity and customer service.

The Darlington-based recycling business has been using technology including tracking equipment in its trucks to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

The firm is also developing a bespoke stock control system, to facilitate the “cradle to grave” tracking of hazardous wastes.

Andy Dobson, operations director at Total Recycling Services, said: “I’m keen to move the company towards technology as much as possible in order to move us away from using paper-based systems.

“The Environment Agency require that we operate at all times to Industry Best Available Techniques and you have to know what the waste is before it comes in.

“Our records must show where the waste has come from, how we have tested and handled it, and most importantly, that we have recovered or disposed of the waste through a legally compliant route.

“Our customers regularly come and audit us, and we have an open-door policy on this. If someone walks in asking for information on a consignment from eight months ago we can do a complete search and track their wastes, even if they have been ‘bulked’ and combined with other materials.

“We have also installed a vending machine for PPE which allows our workers free access. Meaning that at any point of the day they can enter their number into the machine and out comes gloves, filters, anything they may need. Safety is key.

“The brilliant thing about it is, its gets filled up every day because it works on an automated communications process across the internet, meaning that we get a report of what staff are using , and it automatically orders any stocks we may need.”

The company, which services businesses all across the UK with waste management and industrial cleaning services, has gone from strength-to-strength over the last five years and plans to double its £15m turnover by 2022.

Liam Watson, system administrator at Total Recycling Services, said: “Digital has always been a crucial tool for us here at Total Recycling and over the past couple of years we have implemented software systems which we have slowly built from the ground up.

“At any point, a customer can call and ask us where our wagon is, when their delivery is scheduled, and we can also accurately report what volumes of paper, plastic etc. have been picked up from them.

“Collecting and storing data digitally is key to us providing an efficient and trustworthy service.”