FEED efficiency is the topic of one of the seminars at UK Dairy Day on Wednesday, September 12.

Ian Leach, supply chain programme director at Alltech, will present on-farm strategies to improve the level of feed efficiency, focusing on increasing digestibility and reducing contamination and wastage.

He said: “Feed is the biggest single cost of production for most dairy units, regardless of farm size or type and therefore even small improvements in efficiency can have a dramatic impact on business profitability.

“Rising feed costs, coupled with uncertainty regarding the impact of Brexit and the shape of future support payments, means it’s becoming more important for producers to examine how they can improve herd digestibility and reduce feed waste on farm.

“The use of new feed technologies gives producers the opportunity to achieve greater levels of feed consistency, efficiency and ultimately certainty within their businesses.”

The Focusing on Feed Management in Times of Uncertainty seminar is at 2pm in the Sharing Knowledge Zone at UK Dairy Day at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire, at 2pm.