I WAS overjoyed to watch the River Tees documentary that was filmed in 1962 on your website, thanks to a heads-up from my fellow real ale votarist, Mr Dickinson.

As someone who has had a connection with the George Hotel in Piercebridge for the last few years, I was fascinated to watch the feature about the hotel in the documentary, with a young Mike Neville correctly stating that the old inn is haunted by the daughter of a former landlord, who took her own life in what is now room 107.

Some of the housekeepers do not like being in that room on their own, and many people have reported paranormal activity in there over the years, and even as an avid ghost hunter, I must admit that the room can be a spooky place at times.

Chris Lloyd deserves a knighthood for his services and commitment to local history, but to watch the George Hotel on film as it was in 1962 was a genuine buzz for me, and I now have a picture of how the hotel looked years before I was born. While some of the village houses have disappeared, I can assure you all that the spirit of the broken-hearted girl who fell in love with a stable boy is still around, and she will always be welcome to stay in the hotel.

Christopher Wardell, Darlington