AFTER reading the letter from Jo Jones (HAS, Aug 1) about the cutting of grass, and litter, along the verges of Croft Road on the southern outskirts of Darlington, I ventured along the road.

I walked both sides of it in the areas around the laybys and found very little evidence of the plastic, cans and cardboard that the letterwriter said had been shredded.

If the situation was as bad as the writer described, why did they not carry out a litter pick themselves?

On my visit, I noticed a volunteer carrying out a litter pick.

Well done that man.

The litter along Croft Road is generated by motorists who cannot resist the thrill of throwing their litter out of their cars.

These are the culprits and they will continue to litter as they are bone idle, careless of the environment and they know they won’t be caught.

Until their attitudes change, roadside litter will continue to accumulate to the detriment of our beautiful countryside.

It would be hoped that the councillors who represent the Croft Road area will monitor the situation and perhaps even organise litter picks as Cllr Gerald Lee does in the Heighington area.

If Jo Jones wants to organise a litter pick, plastic bags and a litter grab can be obtained from Darlington council.

D Reed, Darlington