POLICE dogs and air support were called in to catch a gang of burglars who had broken into a shop in Northallerton.

The gang had stolen items from a shop on the High Street yesterday and CCTV operators saw five suspects make off down Romanby Road.

One woman was stopped by PCSOs and detained and arrested, while the other four suspects left the area in a car which was followed by police to Morton on Swale where it was dumped.

The suspects then fled across gardens and fields but following the deployment of police air support and a dog unit, all four were arrested.

The five suspects, all from the Leeds area, had travelled to North Yorkshire in a stolen car from Leeds which was seized.

Stolen property such as razors and electric toothbrushes was recovered and it was later found that a number of the suspects were wanted by numerous forces and one was wanted for recall to prison.

A police spokesman said: "Well done to all involved including CCTV and the public who assisted us in locating the suspects.

"If you come to NY to commit crime you’ll do the time."