I FOUND the article about a Durham County Councillor who is willing to give up more of his own time to stand for a second elected position in Darlington to be at odds with reality (Echo, June 29).

Cllr Scott Durham, who is standing for the Conservatives in the Cockerton by-election on Darlington Borough Council, clearly defended why he had chosen to stand, and it is not unusual to sit on two bodies.

Labour leader Councillor Bill Dixon must be suffering from a little wilful amnesia. He knows that from the 1970s to the 1990s many Darlington councillors were also sitting on Durham County Council as elected councillors, taking the remuneration and doing the job.

Labour Councillor John Clare had the facts of the matter right when he said that it is a matter for the electorate to consider.

Cllr C Johnson (Conservative), Darlington