WHO do these councillors think they are?

Now they tell us to use Darlington town centre or lose it (Echo, Jul 6). We have been telling councillors what we want in the town centre for years. Have they listened? No, they haven’t, and footfall has fallen.

We want our library.

We want our toilets.

We want a bus station.

We want good, free, accessible parking.

We want our market back in the market square.

We want more traders in the indoor market.

We want more shops

We don’t want shops closing, and we don’t want shops scattered about the whole town on new business parks.

These are the reasons footfall is shrinking – it is not just the internet. We have been telling the council this for years.

Why do they not listen to us?

If they did, may be people might start coming back into the town because there are things there that they want to use.

Budgie Burgess, Darlington