I AM definitely against our public library (Crown Street, Darlington) being relocated to the Dolphin Centre.

I have been a member of this service since the age of five and I am now 78.

This building was given to this town by the Quakers as were many other buildings in our town, some sadly been demolished by those in the Town Hall`s say so.

Go to other towns with a Quaker heritage and the buildings are proudly still standing and put to good use. Our library has character, a calm atmosphere and very knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly staff on duty.

Get rid of our Cabinet in the Town Hall who have very large salaries; go back to having councillors who used to get a payment for attending a council meeting, then there would be some money to help repair and restore if need be for our public library.

There is a generation out there in this town who have no interest in their heritage which is a great pity for their future.

C.Towers, Darlington