A NORTH-EAST electrician who teaches children self defence in his spare time has won a British title in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the second time.

David Moore, who lives in Darlington and owns Connect Electrical Services, has defended his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu British Open title, 12 months after he beat Europe’s best fighter to win the competition for the first time.

The 47-year-old was first trained at Evolution Martial Arts Academy in Darlington by Luke Randall, and he now works with Shaun Matthews at Redcar BJJ.

Mr Moore, who took up the sport around a decade ago, said: “I started it to keep fit - it was tough at the beginning,

“You get beaten up at first, but then I was starting to win silver and bronze medals.

“I then went on a bit of a winning spree in Newquay, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh, but I wanted to do well at the British Open.

“I got a silver in 2016 and I was very close to winning gold, and then I won the following year.”

Mr Moore now wants to be successful on a European level, and is targetting International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation events which are held in major European cities.

“It is a big sport now - there are a couple of clubs in Darlington, and there has only been two or three people from the town ever to win.

“It is a different pressure when you are trying to defend your title because everyone wants to beat you.

“It is very special - I had to lose four kilograms in a week before the event.

“My wife, Vickie, has been very supportive, and I want to be able to say to my kids if you work hard, this is what you can achieve.”

Mr Moore is also helps to Hard Life Fightwear, who help to supply clothing, advice and support to grassroots fighters, and he also teaches young fighters.

“I love teaching kids, and it is great for ones who have nothing,” he said.

“They don’t need loads of expensive equipment to take part, and it takes them off the streets and off their PlayStations.

“It also helps those ones who are getting bullied and vulnerable people, it increases their confidence and it helps them defend themselves.”