WORKERS in need of office space in Richmond are being encouraged to work and socialise together as part of a new project.

Two like-minded organisations in Richmond, North Yorkshire have joined forces to encourage local businesses to work, collaborate and socialise in a unique, co-working office community in the centre of Richmond every Friday.

Although shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in city regions, this is a first for Richmond.

But Work Meet Play will have a very different philosophy and ethos to the traditional, rent-a-desk large city complexes. Its founders are keen to build a true community of local business people and entrepreneurs who can exchange ideas, learn from each other, have fun, and grow their businesses as a result.

Work Meet Play is the brainchild of Richmond’s thecitysecret academy, who offer a wide range of technology-based training to UK-wide organisations, and of locally-based entrepreneur Chris Lees of Serendipity 29 who uses behavioural analysis and data to produce highly efficient and productive workplaces globally.

Sophie Hazell, director of thecitysecret said: “From our regular informal tech meet-ups and IT-based training courses, we’re aware many small business owners feel isolated and would benefit from the company of trusted colleagues in a friendly, supportive environment."

Chris Lees, from Serendipity 29, said: “I know from experience that the most creative, ground-breaking and successful schemes usually come from the unplanned collision of ideas - a chat by the water-cooler or a quick conversation over a sandwich. Many business owners working on their own can’t make themselves available for these opportunities and they’re truly missing out. With 'Work Meet Play' we want to offer these chances, along with good company, support and a sense of community to small organisations all over the Richmond, Darlington and Northallerton areas on a once-per-week basis. Who knows what it might bring?”

Anyone who wishes to come along to Work Meet Play for a day, can do so free of charge for their first visit. Opening times are 8.30am to 5.30pm. Normal cost is £20 per day. For more information, or to book, please go to: or call Sophie on 01748 824735 or Chris on 07773 770737.

For more on thecitysecret, please visit and for more on Serendipity 29 visit