ONE of Yorkshire’s overlooked characters from history has returned to York Dungeon museum in a dramatisation about Cartimandua, Queen of Brigantia – the Celtic kingdom that later become Yorkshire.

Rather than fight against the Roman invaders, as did history's better-known warrior Queen Boudica, Cartimandua sided with the enemy and handed over any traitors who came within her reach.

“Cartimandua is a larger-than-life character from Yorkshire’s history,” said performance supervisor, Richard Barker. “Not only did she side with Rome, but when her fellow Celts came to her for sanctuary, she would simply hand them over to the Romans and be rewarded handsomely for it.”

The show aims to blend the humour and scares The York Dungeon is known for with new special effects, characters and gags.

“Our new show has some absolutely hilarious, new surprises and loads of audience participation,” said Mrs Barker.

"It's a good idea to look as innocent as possible as one traitor from the group will be found, and punished."

Cartimandua is the first in The Dungeon’s Yorkshire Rogues & Legends shows, a series of new shows for 2018 exploring famous characters from the county’s history who have been out of the limelight in recent years.

The hope is that the shows will shed new light on under-appreciated characters from history who have just as much relevance as their more famous counterparts.

Mr Barker added: “Cartimandua was a clever and strong leader who used her cunning to outsmart and destroy her enemies. Hopefully this new show will give people a glimpse at history they never knew existed in Yorkshire, and the powerful women that led the way.”

Performances continue until April 29. For information visit