A GOLF club has turned down a fracking company's bid to carry out seismic testing on its land.

The Malton and Norton club was approached by agents for INEOS and was offered £1,000 for access to the land to carry out tests.

In a letter to members the committee said: "The company has requested access to the course in an unprecedented manner. This could cause damage to the playing surfaces, disruption and inconvenience to our members and possible lasting damage to our revenue and reputation."

Over the last few months, the company has asked many Ryedale landowners for permission to undertake seismic surveys - designed to determine the presence of any shale gas deposits deep underground.

A spokesman said: “INEOS is currently in the surveying stages of its work towards a flourishing shale industry in this country. At the moment we are having discussions with a number of landowners in Yorkshire around the surveying process but these are at an early stage."

Local councillor and anti-fracking campaigner Di Keal said: “I am appalled that INEOS think they can just come wading in to any local green space, including much used and valued leisure facilities like the Malton and Norton Golf Club, wave their cheque book around and expect people to allow them access."