A BUSINESSMAN is calling for parking fines to be suspended in Northallerton, protesting that visitors are being unfairly treated with some bay markings so faint they are “non existent”.

Marcus Grover, whose family has run a photography and toy business on the High Street for more than 50 years, has objected to North Yorkshire County Council and the Department for Transport.

“I look with total despair at the way they behave towards our visitors.," he said.

"I recently saw a vehicle parked with a penalty charge notice. It had a correct ticket for parking but there was a very faint, mostly non-existent line, around five per cent of the original, which meant the car was parked straddling two bays, but it was very hard to see.

“I took photographs and complained, but they were not going to suspend the charges. I am not prepared to let people be treated in this way, it is totally inappropriate.

“They should stop issuing fines until they repaint the lines. This has been going on for months, certainly since last summer.

“We need the support of local government to encourage businesses and visitors in our market towns and town centres. High streets are losing up to six per cent of business a year - we need backing and help not obstacles.

"I believe that it is reprehensible for the council to fine visitors for parking outside bays that are obviously unfit for purpose. They are acting immorally and outside their own regulations."

Mr Grover said he had looked up the Department for Transport regulations on parking fines which stipulated that the lines “must” be properly maintained and be clearly visible.

However a spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said:“The current lining and signage in Northallerton High Street complies with regulations. We appreciate that the lining is fading, therefore, it is in our programme to repaint the lines shortly.”