DEVELOPERS building a controversial housing development have agreed to implement more drainage work, in response to fears from nearby residents of flooding.

People living near the Tanton Fields construction site on the outskirts of Stokesley say work on building 226 properties on a former green field behind their homes has caused them months of anxiety.

In particular, many feared the increased height of the building site presented a flood risk to their properties.

But at a recent meeting with Rishi Sunak, MP for Richmond, executives for Kier Living said they intended to create an additional drainage channel on the boundary of the 225-home Tanton Fields development and existing homes in Woodlands Walk.

Residents in Woodlands Walk and adjoining Peacock’s Close had contacted the MP as construction work got underway.

At a public meeting held in Stokesley Town Hall earlier this month, the MP heard residents’ fears about increased flooding risk, that the new homes were being built too high and threatened their privacy, and that some trees might be removed during the works.

The MP arranged a meeting on site with senior Kier executives who revealed that the company intended to build a “French drain” – a trench filled with rock and a perforated pipe which disperses surface water – to reassure residents about the flooding.

They also pledged to retain all the existing trees on the Woodlands Walk boundary and plant a small number of additional trees to fill a gap in the tree line.

Mr Sunak said having spoken to the local planning authority, Hambleton District Council, and Kier he had secured an agreement that all parties would share the site levels that had been agreed when planning permission was granted.

Further, he had asked Hambleton to keep a close eye on compliance as the houses were built. Kier had given assurances that the raised earthworks to facilitate construction on the site were temporary and would be removed as the development was completed.

Mr Sunak said: “Although I am not an engineer, I believe Kier’s decision to build this additional drain is a positive development and I hope it will offer some additional reassurance to the nearby residents.

“Kier have said to me that when complete they believe the arrangements for draining surface water from the site, which have been approved by the relevant water and drainage authorities, will be better than the situation before development started.

“I have asked Hambleton District Council to monitor the development closely as work progresses.”

Mr Sunak said the senior executives he spoke to had agreed to attend the next town hall briefing session for residents to explain in greater detail the site’s drainage arrangements.