A VICTORIAN "mop" fair will show youngsters how servants, labourers and craftspeople once found work.

Visitors to Ripon’s Workhouse Museum can experience what life was like for those in poverty by taking part in crafts such as gardening, milking and baking.

Many poor Victorian families went to the workhouse, where domestic servants and agricultural workers would hire themselves out for a year.

Carrie Phillip, the learning manager, said: “We have lots of great family activities planned at the workhouse for half term to help bring the mop fair experience alive.

“Make a ‘mop’ or badge of your trade. A shepherd would have a crook or piece of wool pinned to his clothes, a gardener a piece of cord or twine, a housemaid would have a mop and a milkmaid a milking stool or bucket.”

Children will be “hired” with a “penny” wages and a piece of bright ribbon as a mark of the contract.

The night cells will be open to explore, as well as the master’s study, dining room, pantry, Victorian schoolroom and inmates dining hall.

It will be held from 11am and 4pm between Monday, February 12 until Friday, February 16.

All activities are included with admission and family tickets available.

For more information, visit www.riponmuseums.co.uk