ECO-friendly students are dedicating their lunch breaks to roll out a new recycling scheme.

Pupils at St Francis Xavier School in Richmond have formed an Eco Team, who are trying to raise awareness of the amount of rubbish generated.

One of their initiatives has seen them dedicate their lunch breaks to reducing food waste and increasing recycling.

The Richmond Rotters are supporting the scheme, having supplied the school with compost bins and aprons.

They are part of the North Yorkshire Rotters – a group of volunteers who offer advice and expertise to those who want to reduce their waste and save money.

The project was launched in May 2006 in Northallerton, but has expanded to communities all over the county.

Volunteers highlight the importance of home composting and their Love Food Hate Waste campaign encourages people to cook with leftovers.

Jeff Coates, of Richmond Rotters, is visiting the school this Tuesday.