A JOCKEY who taunted police while on the run dressed as Where's Wally is at large again - but this time when he is caught he will be going to prison.

JJ McMenamin attracted worldwide notoriety - and a job offer from Las Vegas - for his social media antics last January.

He was wanted for motoring offences in North Yorkshire when he dressed as the children's book character and put videos and photographs of himself on Facebook.

After evading capture for a weekend, he handed himself in, but filmed himself on the way, saying he was "entertaining the nation".

The 31-year-old - full name John James McMenamin - was fined £120 with £85 costs and was banned from driving for three months.

Shortly afterwards and while on police bail for drugs charges, he went on the run again - this time with trainee jockey Zachary Sparrow, and without the costume.

They were arrested while they slept at a house in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, and they were caught with amounts of cocaine and cannabis, a set of scales and £2,738 in cash.

While they were on the run last summer, North Yorkshire police used a helicopter and dogs to find them

Rod Hunt, defending McMenamin, said he had a lifestyle as a drug addict rather than as a dealer, and was a jockey working at Newmarket and Middleham.

Sparrow, 21, was working for two training yards in Wales, and he had recently applied for his jockey licence, the court heard.

Judge Stephen Ashurst said he did not want to wreck their prospects, but warned they would serve prison sentences if they offended again.

McMenamin and Sparrow, both formerly of The Nursery, Leyburn, got 18-month suspended jail sentences, with McMenamin also given unpaid work.

But McMenamin has failed to turn up do do the work, and was due back in court yesterday for breaching the order - but did not show up.

Judge Ashurst issued a warrant for his arrest, and said: "I am confident he is aware of today's date. He has had the benefit of the doubt, but it's been one lame excuse after another."