MORE than a dozen police officers were assaulted over the festive period, with several sustaining injuries, in just one police force area.

North Yorkshire Police recorded 14 arrests for assaults on police officers between Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

Of the arrests, 11 crimes were recorded.

Six people were arrested for causing injury to a constable classed as actual bodily harm.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Phil Cain, said: “These figures are shocking and utterly unacceptable.

“Our officers, alongside other emergency service workers, were required to forego time at home with their families during the festive period and worked tirelessly to make sure the safety of the public remained paramount.

“It is a great credit to the police and emergency services that those same individuals who were assaulted carried on with their duties serving the public over Christmas and New Year.

“That is simply because they are focussed on ensuring everyone else remains safe and this is something we can be extremely proud of.”