POLICE have launched their annual Christmas blitz against drink and drug driving across North Yorkshire.

Operation Attention will run throughout the festive period and up until New Year's Day with officers patrolling the roads and keping vigilant for signs of those driving under the influence.

Sgt Andy Morton said: “Every December we kick off Operation Attention with the hope the message has got through to drivers and we’ll see less instances of drink and drug driving and we’ll attend less collisions where alcohol or drugs are the cause.

“Unfortunately, in previous campaigns, our hopes are dashed early on, as we again see a number of drivers disregarding the advice and taking risks with their own safety and the safety of other road users.

“However, we remain resolute in our commitment to targeting these drivers and getting them off North Yorkshire’s roads."

He added: "I would again request the support of the public and encourage anyone with any information about a driver driving under the influence to contact us and let us know."