VOLUNTEERS gathered at a county’s annual library conference to celebrate their success, share ideas and look to the future.

Representatives from North Yorkshire’s 33 community-managed libraries, comprising 2,500 volunteers, attended the event in Harrogate on Wednesday.

In April, 21 community libraries joined those in operation as part of a reconfiguration of the county’s library service after a reduction in government funding.

The conference celebrated the performance of the county’s libraries in this year’s summer reading challenge, as 29 per cent who completed the challenge came from North Yorkshire, as did 37 per cent of the volunteers who helped run the scheme.

They took part in workshops on topics such as marketing and communications, fundraising, volunteer training and IT.

Longer-established community libraries also shared their experience.

County Councillor Greg White, executive member for libraries, said at the conference: “We have a lot of really enthusiastic volunteers providing excellent services to their communities.

“The County Council is here to support you with books, IT infrastructure and our staff’s time.

“We understand there will be bumps along the road and you will need help. We are here to provide that help.”