A COMPANY has found a novel way to bring visitors to North Yorkshire.

Offering a unique way to experience the Dales and promote tourism, Yorkshire Trike Tours was started by Jason and Judith Richards three years ago as a retirement hobby. It has now grown to the extent they employ a second driver and offer over 30 rides via two trikes which range from an hour to all day.

Mr Richards said: “We help tourism in two ways; firstly we bring those who like the trikes to the Dales. Secondly we bring those who have been regular visitors along with some who may have mobility problems and still want to visit. I even took a man on his hundredth birthday.”

Offering refreshment stops plus the fun of an unusual mode of transport, wet weather clothing and an on-board intercom commentary, Jason is a wealth of knowledge and stresses that his tours are “conversational narration” involving the guests.

He continued: “I love being the Dales, we often draw a crowd. One day coming over the military ranges a tank stopped next to us. The hatch popped open and a soldier took a snap of us on his iPhone. You couldn’t make it up.”

Glenn Payne from the Herriot’s in Hawes is a fan. He said: “They are fantastic at bringing people into the Dales; it is such a great concept.”

They have received a number of awards including wining the White Rose small attraction category and recently have been recognised by Visit England for “Best Told Story”.

For further information visit; yorkshiretriketours.co.uk