THE MEMORY of murdered MP Jo Cox has inspired a Darlington couple to honour her legacy by building a movement dedicated to promoting peace.

Ms Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen, devoted her life to opposing hatred and intolerance before she was killed by known racist and neo-Nazi Thomas Mair last year.

In her honour, Peter and Carol Greenwood are now calling for people across Darlington to join them in building a White Rose movement locally.

White roses have been laid in the slain MP’s memory in recognition of her humanitarian work and are also symbolically linked to peaceful resistance.

During the second world war, the White Rose movement in Germany saw intellectuals come together to oppose the Nazi regime in a non-violent manner.

Already touched by Ms Cox’s death, Mr and Mrs Greenwood were inspired to establish a similar group after an anti-Islam march was staged in Darlington last year.

In a public appeal for support, they said: “The white rose has become Jo’s rose and I’m suggesting we could make it our town’s symbol of non-violent opposition to hatred.

“Nazis came to Darlington on November 5 last year – a group of outsiders marched to the market square, throwing Hitler salutes and chanting despicable slogans.

“They were met by a much bigger group of decent people who were determined not to let the invaders’ voices ring the loudest.

“As the two sides yelled at each other, one woman was overheard in Market Square telling a friend that they’re all as bad as each other - we can’t have that.

“It’s essential that we outnumber fanatics when they demonstrate in our towns and it’s essential we counter their hate-filled speeches somehow, but not with more hatred in return.

“That will not convert the undecided and will antagonise many.”

Mr and Mrs Greenwood intend to build the movement around non-aggressive yet effective opposition to displays of hatred while promoting unity and positivity.

Mr Greenwood said: “We are looking for people to share ideas – that is definitely the key as we certainly don’t have all of the answers ourselves to this problem of growing hatred.

“We want to organise a different kind of response to it and want people to come together with ideas of how we’re going to counter the spread of right-wing hatred.”

For more information or to get involved, email