I'M still unsure which way to vote in the EU referendum. David Cameron claims that voting for Brexit is immoral and a “self-destruct option” for Britain. DC also said a vote to leave would be like "putting a bomb under the economy". That sounds bad. And if we leave, average UK households will be £4,300 worse off by 2030. We are a very average so could we be even worse off?

If that wasn't bad enough, leaving will cost the UK leaves three million jobs. What if mine was one.

And what about comments from former MI6 boss Sir John Sawers who said Britain would be "less safe" in the event of a Brexit. I want to be safe. I want my family to be safe. This is difficult.

On the other hands, Vote Leave's claim Brexit would actually boost the economy and deliver a £350 million-a-week windfall for the country. That sounds really appealing and would surely offset the £4,300 the household would lose, wouldn't it?

Vote Leave suggests with a great big banner on its battle bus that the £350 million could be used to fund the NHS. That also sounds a really good idea. But then clever-clogs experts say the £350 million fails to take into account the £85 million the UK gets back from the EU every week.

On the issue of national security, Brexiters say staying in the EU would make the country "less safe" just like leaving would do. Who is right? Who is telling the truth? Does anyone know the truth? What is truth?

What about the recent report which warned that 800,000 migrants were waiting in Libya to enter Europe. Some of these may or may not be terrorists and perhaps all of them will want to park up on Reeth village green - if we stay in the EU. Hmm that might have settled it. Clearly you're going to think twice about crossing the world's biggest shipping lane in a dinghy if a country has no MEPs. Anyway, from what I can gather if we leave the EU we can drag the island 50 miles or so north which will slow the migrants, although it could cost us a few cross channel swimmers who don't keep up on the news. In the face of such conflicting information for the two sides it's tempting to vote stay in the house and watch the telly.