OPPOSITION is growing to a proposal to create a waste transfer site on the approach to Leyburn.

With initial consultation now over 50 residents have voiced their concerns on the establishment of a waste transfer site and recycling centre at Hillcrest Harmby.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said: “ The planning team is still in the early stages of analysing all the responses to the minerals and waste plan consultation, so we can’t yet give a detailed response.

“Initial indications are that there are approximately 50 responses relating to the Harmby site, but these have still be to categorised.”

It is understood that there are few, if any supporters of the plan, which would see a new building, 30m by 24m, and 10m high on the site together with an office and toilet facilities.

The site is presently a vehicle-dismantling yard close to houses, a caravan park and a pub. Waste transfer stations create noise, dust and odour; it is estimated there would be up to 10 two-way daily movements by HGVs.

There is considerable disquiet among residents as to where the expected 10,000 to 15,000 tons per year of commercial and industrial waste will come from. The Leyburn area has approximately one quarter of the Richmondshire population; a similar share of the district’s businesses would mean every guest house and cafe would need to generate over 15 tonnes of waste per year.

Harmby Parish Council Chairman is Andrew Partridge. He said: “It is clear from the number of responses received to this proposal that this development is not welcomed in the village and opposition is growing by the day. “ Whilst the Parish Council has some sympathy with the owners and their wish to develop their business; there has to be better locations for a business of this type. It should not be in not in a prominent position on the edge of Harmby on the main tourist route into the Dales. “We are also led to believe that the existing local waste transfers sites are not at capacity, so have to question the need for one here anyway.”

Harmby Council has joined forces with their Richmondshire counterparts Cllrs Karin Sedgwick and Tony Duff. Plans include a further newsletter and contacting affected businesses and other parish councils along the A684 for additional support.

Cllr Karin Sedgwick RDC representative for Leyburn and Harmby said: “ It is important that we make our feelings clear about this consultation. We do not want to have increased HGV traffic on an already busy road leading to the beautiful dale of Wensleydale. There are other areas that could be considered.”

Further consultation on the proposal will take place in June.