AN entrepreneur from Wensleydale has launched a company that offers a whole roast ox for events, festivals and parties.

The Whole Roast Ox Company will serve its customers grass fed Yorkshire Dales beef, slow cooked for up to 24 hours.

Founder Ian Bell has run a successful hog roast and event catering business for the past nine years, despite suffering severe spinal injuries in his 20s.

He said: "The theatre of whole hog and lamb roasting at times of celebration is something guests really respond well to and The Whole Roast Ox Company takes this to a whole new level.

"We use locally reared heritage breeds of cattle such as the Beef Shorthorn which originated in the Pennine Hills or Hereford."

"Both breeds need considerable time to mature, grazing herb rich grass pastures over two full summers. This allows their fat cover to develop, giving marbling which provides an exquisite sweet flavour to the meat as it cooks. Roasting the carcass whole for a long time makes all the difference to the meat’s succulence."

Mr Bell said: "A whole roast ox can feed between 500 to 2,000 people, so is the perfect idea for anyone looking for something a little different to set their party, wedding or even festival apart."

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