A CAMPAIGN to reach out to thousands of carers who offer unpaid but vital support to friends and loved ones has won the backing of North Yorkshire County Council.

Across the county it is estimated there are more than 60,000 carers and nationally it is reckoned they save the economy £119 billion a year.

And Carers Week, which begins today (June 9) and runs until June 15, celebrates their work and aims to raise awareness to improve the lives of carers and the people they care for.

This year the idea to reach out to carers, particularly those who don’t identify themselves as carers, but simply as a wife, husband, son, daughter, mum, dad or other family member helping a loved one.

And people are being encouraged to sign a “Pledge Wall” on the Carers UK website - carersweek.org/carers-week-quest - to say what they will do to support carers.

The county’s executive member or health and adult services, Clare Wood, said: “Carers perform vital work looking after their loved ones – family and friends – but their work often goes unnoticed and they can so easily become isolated, and their quality of life and their own health can deteriorate because of their responsibilities.

“We have to make sure that they too are supported to continue this work.”

Various events are being held around the county as part of Carers Week and details can be found at northyorks.gov.uk/media/28205/Carers-Week-activities-in-North-Yorkshire/pdf/Carers_week_activities.pdf

To find out more about how the county already supports carers, or for advice, visit northyorks.gov.uk/carers or call 08458 727374.