MANY thanks to everyone who got in touch following last week’s “unknown” picture that every one turned out to know was Reeth. More precisely, it’s looking east from the green, with the post office out of shot, and a little lower, to the right. Jennifer Slater said: “The steps behind the lamppost are the main entrance to Greensyde, which I owned from 1983 to 2001.”

Alan Gilpin kindly sent in a 1950s postcard with Greensyde on the right edge of the picture.

We still don’t know why our “unknown” picture was taken – the male competitors are all in their Sunday best finery, complete with watch chains, but none of them looks very happy to have been photographed taking part in a three-legged race.

We’re also aware that we haven’t thrown out a car query for a long time. There is a rather rickety black car at the front of Alan’s postcard, but we reckon that’s pretty easy, so who can tell us about the bus: what make and what company?

If you can help in anyway, or have any comments about anything else on today’s page, from superlarge fish to seaside hovercraft, please email