TV PRESENTER Kate Humble is backing a campaign encouraging people in Yorkshire and the North-East to switch to organic milk.

The region has 21 organic dairy farms and the Organic Milk Co-operative wants shoppers to consider the environmental and wildlife benefits they bring.

In backing its Break the Habit campaign, Miss Humble said: “We are often guilty of shopping on autopilot, particularly when it comes to those everyday purchases such as milk.

“We quite simply don’t relate the process and impact of milk production with the pints that we put in the trolley every time we visit the supermarket.

“If the population of Yorkshire and the North-East currently buying conventional milk switched to organic, it would turn nearly 1,500sq km (579 sq miles) into organic land.”

Michael Thwaites, of Dykes House Farm, Wendsleydale, said: “As an organic farmer, I see literally every day the positive impact that organic farming has, not only on our own cows, but on the wildlife all around us.

“We don’t use artificial chemical pesticides which can kill off beneficial insects along with the pests, affecting the whole food chain.

“Our organic grass grows using sunshine and natural fertilisers like clover, rather than chemicals, allowing our cows to do what they do best – turn rich grass into great organic milk for the breakfast tables in the region.”

The campaign claims it would only cost about 70p a week for the average family of four consuming 7.3 pints of milk a week to switch to organic.