WE have some gorgeous walking countryside in this part of the world and Wensleydale is up among the finest.

No wonder our resident walks writer Mark Reid features Wensleydale so often.

This week, he takes us off to Masham, best known for the importance of its major sheep market.

Sheep farming began when the Vikings invaded in 900 AD and it has been part of the market town's character ever since.

However, you don't need to be mad about sheep to appreciate a visit to Masham and begin a walk in the stunning Wensleydale countryside.

Mark Reid has written 17 successful walking guidebooks, including the acclaimed ‘Inn Way’ and ‘Walking Weekends’ series covering all of the national parks of Northern England.

He is also a Mountain Leader and Outdoor Instructor and offers map reading courses, navigation skills weekends, guided walks and outdoor adventures in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and beyond.

As always when venturing out for a country walk, make sure you are wrapped up warm.

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