Fresh air costs nothing and this week, Country Life, is taking you off for another beautiful walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

This time, our resident walks writer Mark Reid, chooses the historic village of Kettlewell to to start the hike in the hills around Wharfedale.

Kettlewell is believed to have Anglo Saxon origins, taking its name from "Chetelewell" which means "a bubbling in the stream".

A market was established in the 13th century, mainly selling corn outside the King's Arms, and textiles and lead later became central to the local economy.

The remains of a smelting mill, which came into use between 1700 and 1880, can still be seen above the village, where the Cam Gill and Dowber Gilll becks meet.

Mark Reid has written 17 successful walking guidebooks, including the acclaimed ‘Inn Way’ and ‘Walking Weekends’ series covering all of the national parks of Northern England.

He is also a Mountain Leader and Outdoor Instructor and offers map reading courses, navigation skills weekends, guided walks and outdoor adventures in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and beyond.

As always when venturing out for a country walk, make sure you are wrapped up warm.

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