A NORTH Yorkshire distillery has introduced its third gin in just under 12 months.

Wild Ram Yorkshire Berry Gin has been launched by Colburn-based Yorkshire Dales Distillery to complete a trio of unique London Dry Gins.

Husband and wife team, Tony and Sarah Brotherton, are particularly proud of their latest offering.

Created using gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants – all sourced within a few miles of the distillery – heather flowers and vanilla, they say Wild Ram is not designed as a flavoured gin liqueur rather as a traditional London Dry Gin with soft tones of red fruit blended with juniper.

Mr Brotherton said: "Sticking to our core principles of local sourcing, genuine small batch production and the use of Swale Valley Water we have seen tremendous growth in demand for all of our spirits throughout the year.

"We launched Purple Ram Gin at the start of 2017, fragrant and smooth it has quickly become a classic which we followed with Desert Ram Army Strength Gin in May; a favourite at tastings with its equally smooth Middle Eastern and North African flavours. We have enjoyed developing Wild Ram and it is a great addition to our range."

Mrs Brotherton, senior sales account manager, co-ordinates supplies to stockists across Yorkshire and beyond.

She said: "After a short but well earned break for Christmas, there will be some exciting developments at the distillery in the New Year which we are all looking forward to, including welcoming new members of our team to support growth and development across the country and overseas."