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Rishi Sunak column: 'Doing what must be done' to start the Covid recovery

PREPARATIONS for this week’s Budget – my second – were very different to a year ago. Last February I had been appointed to the role of Chancellor with just 26 days before the big event and the enormity of the challenge posed to the country by the Covid-19 pandemic was just becoming apparent. This time I had more time to prepare but the size of the challenge the country’s economy faces is, if anything, even bigger.

Rishi Sunak column: In praise of the firms adapting to what 2020 has thrown their way

IN recent months I have spent a lot of time with local businesses, getting a full understanding of how they are coping with the impact of the pandemic. They have provided me with valuable feedback on how the range of Government economic support packages have helped them through the last nine months – and will continue to do so in the months ahead.