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Nigel Burton has worked as a journalist for 21 years, starting on his local newspaper The Scarborough Evening News. He has also worked for national newspapers and ITV Digital. At The Northern Echo he has held the posts of Chief Reporter, Defence Correspondent and News Editor. He is now Assistant Editor and Motoring Editor.

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Peugeot's new e-2008 has enthusiasts all abuzz - here's why

ELECTRIC cars are the future. There, I’ve said it. Coming from an avowed petrol head like me that’s quite the confession - but the facts don’t lie. More electric cars were sold in March than all of 2021. The remorseless rise in fuel prices combined with the cost of living crisis, means drivers can’t get enough of them.It costs around £15 to charge a Peugeot e-2008’s battery.  Filling the tank of the same car fitted with a diesel engine costs £77 at today’s forecourt prices.The electric 2008 has a range of approximately 200 miles (perhaps a bit more if you drive with care). Driven in town with a bit of A-road cruising thrown in the 2008 HDI can cover around 500 miles on a tank. You do the math.The e-2008 is a stylish small SUV that’s a cheerful and practical alternative to a hum-drum hatchback.Normally, you have to be prepared to compromise if you buy an electric car. The biggest compromise is usually in the boot (that battery has to go somewhere, right?); it’s not unusual for electrified versions of small cars to have 50 per cent less luggage capacity.The e-2008’s platform was designed to accept battery power from the outset so it fits beneath the floor which means owners enjoy the same generous luggage 434-litre capacity as its internally combusted cousins.

Can a Lexus be better than a BMW? Take a look at the ES300h

WHEN Lexus introduced its first car – the LS400 – to European hacks it’s fair to say there was a degree of scepticism about its claims to be a viable rival to long-established luxury badges like BMW and Mercedes. To prove its point, the company had a neat trick up its sleeve.

Mazda2 Sport: better than a Ford Fiesta?

WHEN the history of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is written, Mazda’s SkyActiv programme will probably go down as a valiant last stand against the onslaught of electrification.

It's an SUV Jim, but not as we know it

SPORT Utility Vehicles. Everyone loves them. They’re the fastest growing sector of the car market in every major European country - and have been for more than a decade.