Storm of biblical proportions is over in a flash

3:47pm Friday 15th August 2014

THE baby and I found ourselves driving home over the tops from Richmond in a big thunder and lightning storm last Friday. I was driving. She was navigating this time.

Perfect guests

3:44pm Friday 15th August 2014

During the past few weeks, our house has been invaded by small tortoiseshell butterflies. They seemed determined to enter the house through open doors and windows, and then find refuge behind curtains or blinds where they appear to be quite happy to remain. Needless to say, I caught them and gently returned them to the big wide world of this year’s lovely English summer.

Cheap slape

3:44pm Friday 15th August 2014

In my diary notes of July 25, I referred to a query from a Bedale reader who asked if I had come across the word slape as a type of cheap beer.

How did they name our towns?

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:43pm Friday 15th August 2014

NORTH Yorkshire seems to have more than its fair share of place names that either begin with or end with Carr or Car. The former West Ridings and East Ridings do not appear to have such a gathering of cars and carrs and they seem positively rare in County Durham.

Stepping up for war effort

3:39pm Friday 15th August 2014

Co-operation in the North. – The co-operative movement has assumed proportions in Northumberland and Durham, of which, probably, many of your readers have only an inadequate idea.

Wand-erful place for all Harry Potter fans

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:26pm Friday 15th August 2014

WALKING along a cobbled alley, I come a across a Victorian pet shop with a huge snake in the window.

Lucky House Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway, 27 The Bank, Barnard Castle

Darlington and Stockton Times:

2:18pm Friday 15th August 2014

The Lucky House restaurant and takeaway has been trading in Barnard Castle for so long that it’s easy to overlook the familiar when trying to decide on a place to eat.

Celebrating moving slow in modern life

Darlington and Stockton Times:

2:13pm Friday 15th August 2014

MAKE It Slow at Rural Arts in Thirsk is an exhibition of contemporary craft work.

Adam Skoumal

2:05pm Friday 15th August 2014

FOR the last in this welcome series of classical recitals, Master Musicians International presented the Czech pianist Adam Skoumal.

Jon Faddis

2:05pm Friday 15th August 2014

PRESENTED by Brass: Durham International Festival, this rare appearance was part of a short British tour by the renowned US jazz trumpeter.

Harrogate Summer Festival: Medici Quartet

2:04pm Friday 15th August 2014

THIS was a special concert as the Medici Quartet formally retired at the Harrogate International Festival in 2007 but reformed particularly to play Sir John Tavener’s Toward Silence which he wrote for them. Now, they were to play his last string quartet, Scatter Roses Over My Tears, written shortly before his death last year.

Deirdre Borlase Retrospective

2:03pm Friday 15th August 2014

ALONGSIDE its summer show of work by regular exhibitors, the gallery devotes two rooms to pictures, prints and ceramics by the wellknown Dales artist Deirdre Borlase, touching on her prodigious output over several decades.

Plenty of productions to please all the family

Darlington and Stockton Times:

11:47am Friday 15th August 2014

DARLINGTON Civic Theatre’s autumn season brings a mix of regulars and new faces in a packed programme of comedy, drama and music.

Rare Ampleforth date for work by Yorkshire composer

11:44am Friday 15th August 2014

THE annual concert by Harrogate Festival Chorus Course at Ampleforth Abbey this year features a work by the Yorkshire based composer Andrew Carter.

Leading the field to reach a century

Darlington and Stockton Times:

11:41am Friday 15th August 2014

THIS month the Wensleydale Agricultural Show takes place for the 100th time. Since its inception it has been first and foremost a traditional agricultural show and remains so today.

Summer and the birds are silent

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:54pm Friday 8th August 2014

ONE of the features of August is the silence of our song birds. While some may still be heard in our gardens and countryside, many whose voices woke us from sleep during bright spring mornings might now be silent.

My super-sized bin makes up for growing family

4:53pm Friday 8th August 2014

I’VE asked the council nicely and it has agreed that we can have a bigger dustbin because we have a silly number of children.

Dispute over a racing payout

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:50pm Friday 8th August 2014

Headline news from the Darlington & Stockton Times 150, 100 and 50 years ago

Shows on every corner

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:37pm Friday 8th August 2014

David Wilcock previews the delights of Edinburgh during the festival season

The Cafe on the Green, Durham

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:32pm Friday 8th August 2014

ONCE again, we ending up eating at a destination we hadn’t intended but serendipity has served us well of late and it proved to be the case once again on a trip to Durham.

Artist is inspired by her relative’s history

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:28pm Friday 8th August 2014

AN ART installation at Ripon Prison and Police Museum will help raise awareness of a little known woman sculptor who was a contemporary of Gwen and Augustus John.

Jane Lindsay & Jennifer Hughes: Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland

4:25pm Friday 8th August 2014

THIS latest concert in Bishop Auckland Music Society’s 2014 season also presented an interesting programme for cello and piano, this time given by Jane Lindsay, a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Music, and Jennifer Hughes, who holds a fellowship in piano accompaniment at the College. Their sound in the Throne Room at Auckland Castle seemed particularly resonant.

Harrogate Summer Festival: James Rhodes: Royal Hall, Harrogate

4:25pm Friday 8th August 2014

IT WAS so good to have the chance to see a musician who has attracted so much attention recently, including his Reviews own series of television programmes.

The Voice of the Turtle Dove: York Minster

4:24pm Friday 8th August 2014

THIS concert by The Sixteen comprised music from the late 15th and early 16th centuries as part of the York Early Music Festival. The pieces were linked to Magdelene College, Oxford, through the composers Davy and Sheppard, and was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

Passacaglia Enlarged: St Oswald’s Church, Sowerby

4:23pm Friday 8th August 2014

THIS was the 300th concert presented by Sowerby Music and, to mark the occasion, the baroque specialists Passacaglia were invited to return with a larger group, continuing the Bach Brandenburg series, providing an opportunity to introduce the natural trumpet to Sowerby.

The Vicar of Dibley: Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond

4:22pm Friday 8th August 2014

IN choosing a TV comedy gold classic for its summer production, Richmond amateur dramatic society clearly made a popular choice.

Dracula show

4:19pm Friday 8th August 2014

BOLTON Castle, near Leyburn, is the setting for Dracula’s Ghost, a theatrical telling of the bloody career of the arch vampire on October 17.

Outdoor cinema

4:19pm Friday 8th August 2014

THE Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle will provide the backdrop to Picnic Cinema’s screening of The Woman in Black on August 19.

This original display is a print lover’s paradise

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:22pm Friday 8th August 2014

A GALLERY in North Yorkshire is to show work from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Theatre sessions

4:19pm Friday 8th August 2014

THE Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond is to start running Youth Theatre classes at Colburn Leisure Centre. Sessions will be held on Saturday mornings during term time from September. Similar groups meet in Richmond and Leyburn and number 180 in total.

Her menus are music to stars

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:17pm Friday 8th August 2014

Personal chef Sarah Muir looks after some of the world’s biggest music stars. She tells Lucy Richardson how she does it

About time we departed from the Tour de France

3:24pm Friday 1st August 2014

I SAW another red kite in the Dales this week.

August is filled with celebrations

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:23pm Friday 1st August 2014

AUGUST is rich with days that encompass celebrations of various kinds and today is no exception. Yorkshire readers will not need reminding that it is Yorkshire Day when we wear white roses, eat Yorkshire puddings and greet one another by saying, “Noo then. ‘oos’t tha gahin on?” Or we might utter that famous phrase “Ee By Gum”, or use the simplest of Yorkshire greetings, which is “Now then”.

How war hit linen factories

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:20pm Friday 1st August 2014

Headline news from the Darlington & Stockton Times 150, 100 and 50 years ago

Appetite for Alentejo

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:06pm Friday 1st August 2014

Chris Wiltshire finds all kinds of enjoyable reasons to visit the Alentejo region of Portugal

Cena, High Street, Yarm

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:04pm Friday 1st August 2014

EVERY once in a while, I visit somewhere for this column that makes me feel a pang of guilt.

Tragedy heads to hall

Darlington and Stockton Times:

3:01pm Friday 1st August 2014

THE Lord Chamberlain’s Men – a modern incarnation of Shakespeare’s original troupe of the same name – returns to Kiplin Hall this month with its tenth anniversary production of Romeo and Juliet.

Say Cheese!

2:59pm Friday 1st August 2014

AN ANTHOLOGY of poems, both local and worldwide, modern and traditional, has been gathered by Ann Pilling, a writer who lives in Gayle, with proceeds from sales going to St Margaret’s Church in Hawes.

Ryedale Festival: Music and Memory: Helmsley Arts Centre

2:59pm Friday 1st August 2014

THIS was another coffee concert, this time in the attractive and accessible Helmsley Arts Centre. These events usually consist of a pre-concert talk by the composer, lasting 40 minutes, followed by the performance, all enhanced by a cup of coffee.

Ryedale Festival: Genesis Sixteen: St Hilda’s, Sherburn

2:58pm Friday 1st August 2014

GENESIS Sixteen is a training programme for young singers in conjunction with The Sixteen, which meets four times a year.

Ryedale Festival: Music and Colour: St Mary’s Church, Lastingham

2:58pm Friday 1st August 2014

THIS was one of the pleasant coffee concerts the Ryedale Festival organisers can feel happy about. It is a special experience to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in a beautiful natural location, and St Mary’s Church in Lastingham is surely one of the loveliest settings in England.

Ryedale Festival: The Coronation of Poppea: Ampleforth College

2:57pm Friday 1st August 2014

THIS production used a new English translation by John Worrack.

TV stars in tragedy as part of packed line up

Darlington and Stockton Times:

2:57pm Friday 1st August 2014

THE Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond – Britain’s oldest working theatre in its original form – has announced its autumn season, which includes world premieres and internationally acclaimed companies and performers.


2:53pm Friday 1st August 2014

A RETROSPECTIVE and summer exhibition of work by leading Dales artist Deirdre Borlase opens tomorrow at the Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk, where she has been a popular exhibitor for more than 20 years.

Outdoor classics

2:53pm Friday 1st August 2014

THIS year marks Chapterhouse Theatre Company’s 15th year of touring UK and Ireland bringing to life best-loved classics in outdoor performances.

Global women

2:52pm Friday 1st August 2014

PLANETE Femmes at the Courthouse gallery in Thirsk is a photography exhibition featuring portraits of women across the globe.

Still lots on luncheon menu

Darlington and Stockton Times:

2:52pm Friday 1st August 2014

Ladies’ luncheon clubs still thrive despite the changing role of women. Betsy Everett found out why

Now maybe I’ll be forever known as the whinger

4:54pm Friday 25th July 2014

GREAT, thanks for that. After getting a kicking on last week’s D&S letters page, I will be forever be known to the kids as Whinging Willis.

Wild words

4:53pm Friday 25th July 2014

My mailbox this week includes an email from a reader who refers to my earlier notes (D&S May 9) about nicknames for some of our wild birds.

Le Tour de waterfalls and fosses

Darlington and Stockton Times:

4:52pm Friday 25th July 2014

THERE is no doubt Le Tour de France left a lasting mark in this region. One of its lesserknown achievements was to revive my own memories of some cycle tours I had undertaken in my youth, and I thought I would add a final note to conclude my reminiscing.


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