Ripon Motor Club. Acklams Beta Summer Clubman Championship, Hutton Conyers.

No doubt at all about the popularity of the Acklams Beta Summer series of adult and youth trials.

The evidence was on show all at the old Hutton Conyers scramble tracks of the eighties on Saturday afternoon where Judith Blythe and Heather Langstaff processed one hundred and twenty three entry forms for the first of seven Acklam sponsored events over the summer months.

Aldis Blacker, Richard Pearson and Robert Weatherill excelled on the hard course turning low scores, Mick Bayley jousted with Ian Brogden and Mark Houson for the novice green class while Bradley Green won th youth class.

Steve Gossop took the Over 50's from Dave Brogden after latter footed once, in the first section and on the first lap.

Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Annual Stelvio Trophy Trial, Cockhill Mines, Greenhow, Sunday.

The numbers were down on Sunday at Cockhill Mines where the Yeadon-Guisley club staged the annual Stelvio Trophy Trial. With Scottish Six Days Trial looming up next Monday many were saving the efforts for the Highland test but a few entrants gave their machines a final run over the twelve section course in the disused lead mines on Sunday where a cool breeze heralded next week's weather situation. Many of the Cockhill sections resemble some of the Highland hazards especially the stream sections. Mark Yeadon had planned and marked a fourteen section course with three laps but that plan was scuppered when only twelve observers signed on.. Said Ben "It was good to win. A final outing on my 300cc Beta. I join up with my brother Dan and James and Dougie Lampkin in the Highland event, we are all more or less together so it should be a good Scottish week. MRS Sherco parts expert Phillip Hammond sailed away to win the Clubman B category from Neil Gaunt..

Only fourteen small wheelers surfaced where the three class were won by Jacob Reeday, Oliver Arkwright and Jimmy Crabtree.

Guisborough D.M.C. 1st Summer series trial, Eller Farm , Fryup, Saturday.

A fine, dry Saturday night for riders and observers at Guisborough 's first round Summer Series trial held at Ellers Farm, Fryup and Whitby`s Andy Chilton, riding his Scorpa, remained unpenalized in a slightly harder than usual event over the moorside venue. Runner up Tom Affleck on his Sherco, always in with a shout until losing three marks in the fourh section. Chris Lambert eased to the Intermediate win in front of Danby`s Ian Hopley. The latter excelled in section four, the only other rider to match Chilton`s clean ride, thus keeping him one mark ahead of third place man Chris Brown.

Clubman B riders have tough times.. Winner Ron Chapman, a hard working member of the club hadn`t time to feel nervous, what with setting out, riding and rushing round in a bid to help the observing problem, and in doing so, remained clean. Paul Nelson and Andrew Dale dropped one mark, Nelson edging runner up on furthest clean rule.

Weekend Results Check.

Ripon Motor Club. Acklams Beta Summer Clubman Championship, Hutton Conyers.

Novice course: 1 Aldis Blacker (Beta) 2, 2 Tony Holmes (Beta) 8, 3 Rob Bratley (Sherco) 10.

Over 40'a: a Richard Pearson 5, 2 Andy Townson 19, 3 Chris Laws 23. (All Beta) 23.

Youth hard course: 1 Robert Weatherill 6, 2 Oliver Richardson 11, 3 Andrew Reynolds 16. (All Beta).

Novice green course: 1 Mick Bayley (Beta) 4, 2 Ian Brogden (Beta) 8, 3 Mark Houson (Montesa) 8.

Youth green course: 1 Bradley Green (Beta) 14, 2 Jack Dent (Gas Gas) 22, 3 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 25.

Over 50's: 1 Steve Gossop (BSA) 1, 2 Dave Brogden (Beta) 1, 3 Max Clift (Beta) 2.

Beginners: 1 Jeffery Bennett (Sherco) 13, 2 Jed Cloughton (Beta) 26, 3 Lewis White (Gas Gas) 30.

Youth easy course: 1 Matthew Walmsley (Sherco) 7, 2 Josh Pearson (Beta) 14, 3 Ollie Watling (Beta) 16.

Twin Shock: 1 Michael Platts (Honda), 2 John Ellis (Yamaha) 6, 3 John Alderson (Honda) 7.

Small Wheels hard course: 1 Charlie Astwood 5, 2 Edward Storrow 7, 3 Jack Vasey 13. (All Beta).

Medium course: 1 Rory Wilkinson 11, 2 Max Green 11, 3 Zac Cadman 18 (All Beta).

Easy course: 1 Ashley Watson 24, 2 Alfie Astwood 43, 3 Martha Dennis (All Oset.

Yeadon-Guiseley M.C. Annual Stelvio Trophy Trial, Cockhill Mines, Greenhow, Sunday.

Hard course -Experts: 1 Ben Hemingway (Beta) 2, 2 Dan Hemingway (Beta) 12.

Inter: 1 Louis Haley (Montesa) 36, 2 Jamie Stephenson (Montesa) 43, 3 Danny Cockshott (Gas Gas) 53.

Novices: 1 Keiran Child (Beta) 9, 2 Sam Jennings (Montesa) 57.

Youth Class A: 1 Aaron Carter 64, 2 Edward Earle 81. (All Beta).

Clubman A experts: Paul Turner (Gas Gas) 18:

Novices: 1 Andrew Tales (Beta) 6, 2 Rick Mellon (Vertigo) 12, 3 Ben Oughton (Gas Gas) 13.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry Turner (Beta) 21, 2 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 30, 3 Alice Minta (Beta) 37.

Clubman B: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 12, 2 Neil Gaunt (Beta) 8, 3 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 14.

Youth Class C: 1 Henry Stephenson (Beta) 55, 3 George Hemingway (Beta) 80.

Youth Class n/c: Mason Carter (Beta) 149.

Small Wheels hard course.

Class C: 1 Jacob Reeday (Beta) 14, 3 Freddie Stephenson (Beta) 40.

Class E: William Sagar (Oset) 20.

Middle route.

Class C: Jack Firth (Beta) 30.

Class D: 1 Oliver Arkwright (Oset) 19, 2 Bailey Holmes (Beta) 37, 3 Poppy Fletcher (Oset) 44.

Easy route.

Class D: 1 Jimmy Crabtree 9, 2 Bobby Crabtree 19, 3 Harrison Plant 22.

Guisborough D.M.C. 1st Summer series trial, Eller Farm , Fryup, Saturday.

Experts: 1 Andy Chilton (Scorpa) 0, 2 Tom Affleck (Sherco) 5, 3 Chris Barnfather (TRS) 55.

Intermediate: Chris Lambert (Beta) 20, Ian Hopley (Gas Gas) 29, 3 Chris Brown (Scorpa) 30.

Clubman A: Mike Noble (Montesa) 11, Mark Doughty (Sherco) 34, 3 Lee Darrell (Montesa) 41.

Clubman B: 1 Ron Chapman (Scorpa) 0, 2 Paul Nelson (Montesa) 1, 3 Andrew Dale (Beta) 1.

Twin Shock: Alistair Jackson (Matchless) 11.

Conducted Easy: 1 Dexter Hind (Oset) 88, 2 Harrison Rose (Oset) 90.

Conducted Hard: 1 Harrison Skelton (Oset) 24, 2 Matilda Arbon (Oset) 35, 3 Harry Blackwell (Sherco) 51.

Northallerton & D.M.C. Club trial, Stoney Intake Farm, Chopgate, EasterMonday.

Clubman A: 1 Barry Chapman (Montesa) 17, 2 Alan Williams (Montesa) 18, 3 Jack Dolan (Beta) 25.

Clubman B: 1 Ian Morley (Beta) 7, 2 Paul Nelson (Montesa) 9, 3 Tim Bell (Beta) 9.

Twin Shock: 1 Colin Bailey (Ariel) 6, 2 Chris Lambert (Honda) 8, 3 Dave Wardell (Fantic 9..

Youth A: Robert Weatherill (Beta) 4

Youth B: Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 58.

Youth C: Mark Myers (Beta) 39.

Weekend fixture List.


Pre-65 Trial, Kinlochlweven.


Pre-65 Trial, Kinlochlweven

Middlesbrough D.M.C Open Trial, Lordstone Country Park, Carlton Bank, 4.00 pm.


Middlesbrough D.M.C Open Trial, Lordstone Country Park, Carlton Bank, 10.30 am.

May Day.

Edinburgh Motor Club, Scottish Six Days Trial, Fort William.

Pickering D.M.C. Easy Trial, Cow House Bank, Carlton, 11.00 am.