Middlesbrough & District Motor Club., National Cleveland Trial, Castleton, Sunday

Scarborough JST Gas Gas rider Michael Brown grabbed a fifth Cleveland Trial victory on Sunday – fourth on the trot - but only after a close fought battle with Beta`s Jack Sheppard and Sherco mounted Jonathan Richardson who finished in that order and, adding icing to the cake for JST Gas Gas, John Shirt put in a typical determined ride to take the Intermediate win from local rider Stephen Suddes.

Glorious weather as Ian Atkinson and Richard Mee led the 150 entrants away from the sleepy little village of Castleton to tackle a 36 section course around the North Yorks Moors. Scorpa rider Andy Chilton escaped for three as, surprisingly, Brown and Sheppard lost a nervy one.

Out onto Danby moor top and Richardson was in fine form, levelling everything. The climb up over rocks on seven proved daunting, many clubmen footing their way through but Jess Bown and Louise Alford made it look easy, just floating the front wheel up over the gnarly bit and out for a clean.

Superb rides from the ladies as it took marks off winner Stephen Bennett and runner up Paul Dennis. The next real tester was the jump up out of the beck and double rock step on the last one at Clitherbeck.

Brown, riding at the head of experts cleaned, and Chilton did well to gather it up for a one, as Sheppard`s back wheel slipped out on the final rock for a five.

Richardson`s clean run ended in the gully of Birks Wood with a three, then one went astray on the moorside sections at Crossley Side.

Shirt led the Inters, but only just on four lost, ahead of Suddes, in great form, on five and Matt Maynard, seven, while in clubmen, Neil Gaunt called on all his years experience to hand his card in with a loss of two, to keep his nose in front of eventual winner Bennett.

He was relieved when Gaunt lost his early momentum, a couple of fives on his second card dropping him down the order. Jess Bown just got stronger.

A fantastic ride from the determined Chesterfield girl on her Birkett BVM Scorpa. Onto the finale at Stormy Hall and Blackmires.

Many clubmen arrived here red faced, tired and expressing relief to be at the finish line.

Over the years this tight knit group of rock strewn hazards, often with a tremendous amount of spectators gathered, has seen the best of riders reduced to an addled bundle of nerves as the pressure kicks in, but not this year.

Richardson, cool as ever, took the drop in line on the last and escaped for one. Could it be bettered? Brown, riding as of old was the only expert to beat the section – after correcting his chosen line to attack the final jagged step with fuss, with intent.

Richmond Motor Club. Andrew Allison Memorial Trial, Holgate, Sunday

The Richmond club headed for remote Holgate to stage the Andrew Ellison Memorial Trial on Sunday as a mark of respect for the Telfit man who lost his life in an accident.

Ninety nine competitors in fifteen different classes endured just about everything the weather threw at them.

Sixteen observers also took the full force of gale force winds and rain throughout the day.

Faceby specialist joiner Guy Kendrew won the hard course expert class from a returning Arkle competitor Jack Stones who wintered in New Zealand on a working visit, The six footer was out for the first time since the Scott Trial last year.

Ryan Brown returned to normal trials riding after his arduous duties as a travelling marshal at the Ilkley Grand National the previous days.

Despite the weather the small wheel contingent were out in force with seventeen youngsters in three classes riding a six section four lap course.


Middlesbrough & District Motor Club., National Cleveland Trial, Castleton, Sunday

Winner: Michael Brown, (JST Gas Gas) 5.

1st Class: Jack Sheppard (Beta) 11. 2nd Class: Jonathan Richardson (Sherco) 14.

Intermediate: John Shirt (JST Gas Gas) 9. 1st Class (Stephen Suddes (Gas Gas) 14, 2nd Class (Matt Maynard) Sherco) 19.

Clubman: Stephen Bennett (Montesa) 7,

1st Class Paul Dennis (Beta) 15, Glen Scholey (Montesa) 16, Trevor Willans (Montesa) 18, Jess bown (Scorpa) 19, Glen Quinn (TRS) 19, Neil Gaunt (Beta) 20.

2nd Class: James Wainwright (Beta) 22, Sam Haywood (Beta) 23, Kevin Tate (Beta) 23, Mark Taylor (Beta) 23, Steve Williams (Montesa) 24.

Best Middlesbrough member: Kevin Tate (Beta) 23.

Richmond Motor Club. Andrew Allison Memorial Trial, Holgate, Sunday

Experts: 1 Guy Kendrew (Beta) 1, 2 Jack Stones (Beta) 2, 3 Philip Alderson (Gas Gas) 10.

Inters: Gary Pears (Scorpa) 16.

Novices: 1 Richard Gaskell 8, 2 Thomas Coates 38. (All Beta).

Youth Class A: 1 Tom Needham (Gas Gas) 25, 2 Ryan Brown (Beta) 29, 3 Guy Stones (Beta) 61.

Green course: 1 Gary Thwaite (Sherco) 4, 2 Richard Fawcett (Gas Gas) 6, 3 Adrian Harrison (Beta) 9.

Youths: 1 Robert Wetherill (Beta) 19, 2 Charlie Dent (Beta) 37, 3 Harry Dent (Sherco) 54.

Clubmen: 1 Paul Sadler (Beta 2, 2 William Wood (Beta) 5, 3 Andy Kearton (Montesa) 8.

Over 40’s: 1 Jim Hudson 6, 2 A.J. Wild 9, 3 Martin Pratt 14. (All Beta).

Youth Class A: 1 Mathew Allum 47, 2 Tom Ridley 75. (All Beta).

Youth Class B: Ollie Rickaby (Gas Gas) `17.

Youth Class C: 1 Tim Weatherill (Sherco) 19, 2 James Harrison (Beta) 29, 3 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 32.

Small wheels hard route: William Sagar (Oset) 93.

Middle route: 1 Oliver Arkwright (Oset) 22, 2 Ellis Barton (Oset) 25, 3 Will Lampkin (Beta) 27

Easy route; 1 Isobel Skehan (Beta) 17, 2 George Bowes (Oset) 19, 3 Sam Ethell (Beta) 20.

Tweed Valley M.C.C. Trial, Dodington Sunday

Expert Course: 1 Paul Nicholson (Montesa) 1, 2 Rob Weir (Gas Gas) 3, 3 Phil Baxter (Sherco) 3, 4 Louis Grey (Gas Gas) 26.

Clubman Course: 1 Colin Ward (Yamaha) 0, 2 Colin Barrie (Montesa) 5, 3 Eric McMeekin (BSA) 8.

Easy Course: 1 Ross Thompson (Aprilia) 0, 2 John Palmer ((Fantic) 1, 3 Gordon Imrie (Ariel) 4.

Stanley M.C.C. Trial, Bedburn, Weardale, Sunday

Expert Course: 1 Roger Williams (Vertigo) 5, John Bennett (Sherco) 8, 3 Zac Hubery (Beta) 15.

Clubman Course: 1

Eddie Aitkin (Trifield) 1, 2 Kevin Chapman (Trifield) 5,3 Martin Pratt (Beta) 10.

Easy Course: 1 Mark Scott (Montesa) 19, 2 Kevin Edmundson (BSA) 22, 3 Kris Gilyeat (Beta) 26.



Hillsborough D.M.C. National Jack Wood Trial, Hollow Meadows, Bradfield. 9.00 am.

Castleside Trials Club, Open Kia National Championship Trial, Edmundbyers, 10.30 am

Guisborough & D.M.C. Bob Atkinson Memorial Trial, Westerdale Side, Castleton, 10.30 am.

South Shropshire M.C.C. 2nd Ladies & Girls Championship, Craven Arms, 10.30 am.